Principles of Manhood

What does it take to be a man? No, I am not referring to the song by Boston, but that is a great song. I mean, as you think about what does it mean to a man, what comes to mind? Who comes to mind?

For some, icons like John Wayne or Chuck Norris come to mind. They embody qualities of toughness, charisma, etc. For some, they may think of their father. Maybe a favorite sports hero like Michael Jordan, Mike Trout, Tom Brady, etc. comes to mind. Regardless of who comes to mind, what common characteristics to these people have?

When I coach men, dads, families, etc., I coach them on taking Responsibility, Ownership, and understand the power that comes with knowing one can Choose their Results. However, this is not easy. Over the next few weeks, we will look at three principles to help men be the sort of leaders they choose to be.

1. Reject Passivity

2. Accept Responsiblity

3. Lead Courageously

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