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Coaching and “Value”

I am asked often how a life coach makes a living helping people.  I explain that like any coach, a life coach helps one navigate their life, helping them to move forward when they are stuck, helping accountability, etc., and charges based on the value the coach provides to their clients. That fellow Tony Robbins makes a pretty good living, I understand – LOL.

Now, I seldom defend my rates, but recently had a situation where I am an acquaintance of a potential client.

I was asked to help a young man with the mental aspects of his baseball game, as well as to help the young man with other challenges.

When I shared my rates, the client balked a bit.  So I asked her how much she was spending on David’s hitting lessons.  She replied, “$50.00 / week.”   I then asked her how much she was spending on David’s pitching lessons.  She replied, “$65.00 / week.”  So I confirmed, “You are spending around $115 / week on hitting and pitching, right?”  She confirmed my math.  Once again, I needed to confirm my math, so I asked, “So roughly $460.00 / month?”  She politely confirmed, but seemed puzzled where I was going with the questions.

Then I asked her, “Well, if baseball is 90% mental / 10% physical, and you are spending $460 / month on the ‘10% part’, the package you chose at $219/month is a BARGAIN, right?”

She smiled at me and said, “I see your point.”  I reminded her that, like most things, one has to determine the value one gets from something before one can determine if the cost is justified.

I have been meeting with David for a couple of weeks, now; and it is going quite well.

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