Walking Like a Butterfly

How does one walk like a butterfly?  Butterflies are meant to fly, with their large, gorgeous wings.  Heck, even Muhammad Ali referenced them in a glowing way, “Float like a butterfly…” So, how does one walk like a butterfly?  

Well, when a butterfly emerges from its cocoon, it walks at first.  I imagine there is some biological reason, but I also imagine it is scared.  It has, after all, spent most of its life walking around.  It has to be a bit scary to take off into the air.  What if it falls?  What if it crashes into something?  In the end, the butterfly does fly, it was meant to.  

How does this apply to you and me?  Quite honestly, we all have fears.  Those fears sometime control us, and sometimes they protect us.  The ones that control us often keep us from becoming what we are meant to be.   For me, I have dreamed of coaching others for most of my adult life.  I have tried it in various aspects:

  • Taught high school
  • Taught middle school
  • Worked with youth at church
  • Coached at various corporate positions
  • Coach baseball

Each time, I begin moving forward in the direction I believe God wants me to go.  Each time, I resist.  Did I mention I can be quite stubborn?  🙂

I am classic example of walking like a butterfly.  I am terrified of taking off.  NO MORE.  What if I crash to the ground?  So what, I am already here.  What if I crash into something?  So what, I am already doing that.  I am moving forward.  I am taking off.  I will fly.  God has given me large, beautiful wings, and I will make the most of them.  

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