My Why – An Update

I turned 50 earlier this year.  I was in OK shape for my age.  I was healthy, aside from weighing around 235 pounds.  However, when I had recently gone camping with my oldest, I was not able to continue on the 3 mile hike, choosing to head back at 1 mile.  Then, as I was working an event, an athlete had heat exhaustion and I needed to carry him to a place where I could better manage the situation; and, while I was able to do so, my back ACHED for four weeks after that.  

I needed to do something.

I had dabbled with Isagenix because my wife had some of the shake mix.  I began reading more about the nutrition, trying to understand what made the products so great.  

At the same time, I was attending VNATA, a conference for certified athletic trainers, and spent a lot of time in the nutrition talks.  

It all came together, and I knew my path forward.

My first order was on August 13, 2021.  At that time, I weighed 235 pounds.  When the my order arrived on August 15, 2021, I was ALL IN.  I began following Shake Days and Cleanse Days.  I took the vitamins.  I took Ionix.  I took the Natural Accelerator.  I took IsaFlush.  ALL IN.

When we started our “Fit 4% Fall” promotion on September 13, 2021, where we try to lose 4% of our body weight, I was only down 7 pounds.  However, I felt AMAZING.  No more bloating.  No more acid reflux.  So while the scale had not moved much, I knew I was moving  in the right direction.

When we were a little over a week into our “Fit 4% Fall”, I saw something for the first time in a long time… the numbers on the scale (without getting off) – 219 pounds.  I had lost 16 pounds in five weeks. 

What’s more, I had to create a hole in my belt, I had lost 4” on my waist.

I am closer to my goal of 190 pounds, and will now add small changes to my exercise routine (e.g., walking, push ups, sit ups, body squats). 
I feel great. 
I don’t snore any more. 
I have more energy, even with getting up at 4:15 a.m. for kid’s swim practice.
I can wear clothes I have not worn in a long time… see below.

PS. Below is a picture I took of myself wearing a shirt I bought a while back when I said I would lose weight… my delayed gift to me when I got to 205

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