May is Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month, and mental health is definitely in a crisis in our country today. One only needs to watch the news to see the litany of senseless violence. I am talking constantly with my family clients about controlling their attitude and effort, as well as about how they control their Thoughts, Feelings, and, ultimately, their Actions.
Further, it seems that kids now a days spend a lot of time dealing with “mean kids” and that this, in my opinion, helped create this growing mental crisis. Not that kids were not mean to each other when I was younger, but today they have so many other opportunities to engage in that behavior. However, by teaching AND modeling that we control our thoughts, feelings, and actions; and, how we can control our attitude and effort, I believe my clients are better equipped to deal with some of those challenges. I also believe my clients are in a better place to control what they can control, and to pass that along to those closest to them.
As we wrap up Mental Health Month, I am curious:
* How to demonstrate to your family and friends that you can control your attitude and your effort?
* How do demonstrate to your family and friends that you can CHOOSE your Thoughts and Feelings, and therefore your Actions and Results?
* How do you demonstrate to your family and friends that you take Responsibility and Ownership of your Choices and do not give your Power away to Circumstances?
One of the people (Christopher Avery) to whom I look for inspiration (almost always) starts his talks, videos, etc., by reiterating that he is “Free, Powerful, and At Choice”. How are you living? Is it how you want to live?

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