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Do You Listen?

Growing up, I loved to read “Guideposts”, specifically, the article in there called “His Mysterious Ways”. It always amazed me to read the stories of God working in peoples’ lives. And, I used to think that was just other people.
As I sat in Quiet Time recently, I read a story of a man who had been guided by God to start a church. Three years later, he was still “praying on it”. Ultimately, the author realized that he had not been faithful to God’s calling, or to the gift of Leadership God had given him.
Lately, I have been struggling with the state of my own coaching passion, despite a number of people telling me over the years to pursue this dream. Dads Like Me is an idea I have been working on since my youngest son was born in 2009. Regardless, I find myself constantly buffering, putting it off, NOT rejecting passivity (more about this in another post).
So, once again, I find myself thinking about Dads Like Me, its next steps, my overwhelm, etc. And, as I also reflect on the words from today’s reading, I wonder how many people I could be helping if would only stop being so fearful; if I would only trust God. (See James 1: 5-8 (scripture))
So,I am going to keep moving forward, facing my fears, and believing that I have been called to help people, to help Dads, and to help generations to follow.
UPDATE: When I first wrote this post and scheduled it for release, I was having some challenges on Facebook with the name “Dads Like Me”. After talking with some trusted advisors and a few of my clients, I am keeping the purpose of helping Dads like me, but will change the name to my more overarching goal: Coaching Responsibility Ownership and Choice – #CROCLife.

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