Enjoy THIS Season

Have you ever noticed yourself looking forward or back to certain seasons? It could be a particular season of the year, or a specific season of life. I know I do.
In the past, I would say that Fall is my favorite time of year. Unfortunately, it left me either waiting on Fall to get here, and thus missing the other seasons (e.g. Spring, Summer), or being sad that Fall was over. What I have transitioned to saying is what I enjoy most about the current season. Naturally, I have more to say about Fall; but, when it is Summer, I say “I am happy I get to go to the lake.”
I have also found myself doing that with seasons of life. I am blessed to have two wonderful sons. And as I sat home working recently, the silence was deafening. As I tried to work, I found my mind wandering back to when the house was filled with sound of little feet running back and forth. I missed having one of my boys coming down to “work with daddy” – I am not going to lie – my brain was spiraling, and not in a good way.
As with most things, sometimes taking a deep breath and counting to ten can offer some clarity, or at least some calmness. I took my breath and was immediately reminded of what my oldest said this weekend while he and I were driving around. He and I were out running errands, having some quality father-son time, and I remarked, “I am sorry you have school this week – we could have been off camping, having fun.” My son, without missing a beat, replied, “Dad, I am having fun with you now.” Yeah – that grounded me quickly.
I have since started using the same method I use for seasons of the year with my seasons of life. Sure, I loved those times when I could cuddle with my boys. I loved reading to them, wrestling on the floor, and playing hide and seek. And now I love coaching them in baseball and in life.
The next time you find yourself longing for a different season, see if you can find what you love most about the season in which you find yourself. In doing that, you can control your Thoughts and Feelings, and thus your Actions.

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