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Responsibility and Self-Efficacy

Albert Bandura once said that “self-efficacy is the belief in yourself and your ability to perform in ways that influence events that affect your life” (Self-Efficacy:  The Exercise of Control).

In other words, self-efficacy is how strongly one believes that one can provide their desired Results.   Essentially, can one take personal responsibility or ownership?

I believe that my Actions determine my Results.  I take responsibility and ownership for my life.  Does this mean I control Circumstances?  No.  But I do control my Thoughts and Feelings (some would call this attribution) about those Circumstances.  

So, I ask you:

•  When things “happen” to you, are you able to take responsibility?  

•  Do you practice self-efficacy daily?  

•  Can you take ownership of your Thoughts and Feelings, and thus your Actions and Results?

I would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.

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