Coaching and Being a Christian

Clients sometimes ask how I use The Model, while being a Christian.

You see, The Model shows us that we can create the Results we want by controlling our Thoughts.

For me, personally, it looks something like this:
Unintentional Model (this is the model that just “happens” – the noise):
C: I am Choosing to create content
T: No one will want to read what you write (or similar Thought)
F: Insecurity / inadequacy
A: Swirl, buffering (food, iPhone, Facebook, etc.)
R: No content

Now – here is where my faith can come in. My favorite Bible verse is Phillipians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I turn the Unintentional Model (above), into the Intentional Model (below):
C: I am Choosing to create content
T: I can do this; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
F: Empowered / Excited / Energized
A: Creation of content (like this post today)
R: I get to share Jesus, I get to help others encounter Him, and, perhaps, I introduce someone else to The Model, and can help him/her accomplish the Results he/she wants.

Is it that easy? Yes.
Is it that hard? Yes.
One has to Choose.

Therein lies the power, YOU get to Choose.I do know this, the mornings I begin with God, are the days I am better prepared to help others, help myself, and to live a life that is “free, powerful, and at choice.”

God Bless – Hank

P.S. Thank you to The Life Coach School for introducing me to The Model… I use it for Self Coaching every day, and thank you to The Responsibility Company for teaching me about The Responsibility Process.

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