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Relationships and Responsibility

I recently received an email outlining what some clients had told their respective coaches:
– “She made me feel bad because she did not invite me out with the girls.”
– “He did not text me back, which made me mad.”
– “He does not love me because he never helps with the dishes.”
– “She did not respond to my social media post, so I blocked her.”

When I got the above email, it spoke to me for a great many reasons. The intersection between The Model and The Responsibility Process is wonderful to see. Above, we see how one’s Thoughts control one’s Feelings. Even more, we see some coping behaviors (e.g., Blaming our anger on the person who did not text us back or maybe Justifying why one might send a mean text to someone because that person did not come to my party, etc.).

When one learns to control their Thoughts, when learns to take 100% responsibility for their Feelings and Actions, then they learn a freedom and power that makes anything possible.

It is a wonderful journey; one that I would be honored to help you navigate.

Have a Blessed Day.


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